Why do redheads have tempers

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12 Redhead Personality Traits - HRF

Where does a redheads temper come from? The nature vs nurture debate. Do redheads really deserve their feisty label? Fiery, feisty, quick tempered, unpredictable and passionate: Just some of the labels attached to redheads, but are they justified? but why? What is it about red hair that makes us likely to get fiery? Growing up in house

Redheads feel a different kind of pain ScienceNordic

Im sure this is a great contributor to why redheads have the reputation for being witchy. I admit that I once had a temper that was out of control, but I couldnt stand it any more than other people. solve childhood issues, I lost the Tasmanian Devil temper. Yeah, it was that bad. So although I still have red hair, I do not have a bad

12 Redhead Personality Traits - HRF

The answer is yesno. Brunettes, blonds, black haired people and redheads can all have bad tempers. I'm ScottishIrish and if cornered I can have one bad temper.

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