Can you masturbate with your hymen

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If youre a virgin and you masturbate a lot, does that

My culture insists on virginity: did I break my hymen with masturbation? Share prince12. asks: I hope you would be able to answer my message as soon as possible. It is very urgent. I have passed through the site and decided of asking you some questions maybe you could help me. nor can I know how anyone you marry or how your

Can masturbating break your hymen? Or any sorts of

You got another person to dance the horizontal tango with you. Let me be clear another person. You can masturbate until your hand falls off or your brush handle falls off, you're still a virgin until you look another person in the face and tell them you want to have sex.

masturbation: does it break your hymen or not

Did I Break My Hymen with Masturbation? Jan 28, 2010, 7: 00am Heather Corinna. You do not lose your virginity from masturbation. Nor does a woman lose her virginity because she's sexually excited, touches her own anatomy or talks about sex with others. Heres one link that talks about ways that women masturbate if you want more

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