Why are spiders so hairy

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Why are spiders so hairy? - Museums Victoria

Why are some spiders so hairy? It appears that some spiders are hairier than others but why is it some spiders need so many hairs covering their bodies and others dont? When we think of hairy spiders, its usually a tarantula that comes to mind.

Do All Spiders Have Hair on Their Bodies? Animals -

Jul 15, 2006  Spiders' legs are hairy so they can feel the most minute vibrations in the web or a preditor lurking closeby. They can also

Why are spiders so hairy? - Spidentify

Why are spiders so hairy? Despite having eight eyes, many spiders cant see much at all. Instead, they use sensory hairs and pores of various sorts to make sense of their world via touch, taste, moisture and vibration sensations.

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