Why do gay people have lisps

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Where did the gay lisp stereotype come from? Science

What causes some people to speak with a lisp? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Do you speak with the" gay lisp" ? How do you cure a lisp without a therapist? Do people that speak with a lisp know how bad they sound? I have a lisp and thus can't say my name properly. How do I approach girls and people?

Why do a lot of gay men have a lisp? - Answered by top

May 14, 2014 Why Do Gay Men Lisp? (Video. ) Sign In Sign Up. Outward has moved! You can find new stories here. Slate. Outward. Expanding the LGBTQ Conversation. May 14 2014 9: 09 AM.

Why do some gay men have lisps? Yahoo Answers

Jul 23, 2007 I have met hundreds of gay men and can't think of one with a lisp but I know a few heterosexual men who lisp. It is a speech problem that some people have, it is not associated with sexuality. tentofield 1 decade ago

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