Socio-cultural similarity in asian countries

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Culture, Regionalism and Southeast Asian Identity

Whilst I've written elsewhere on Quora about the similarities between the UK and Japan (Irmani Darlington's answer to What countries in Europe are most similar culturally to East Asian countries? ) I think the two countries I know most about, which are most culturally similar, are the UK and Canada.

The Socio-Cultural Situation in the Philippines Nestor

However, in both countries, popular sports are still quite racist against South Asians and have relatively less participation from the local South Asian communities. In the US, this is changing with ESPN broadcasting footage of raucous South Asianlooking fans of the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco Giants all over the country.

Culture, Regionalism and Southeast Asian Identity

We all cant deny that among 7. 2 billion people [1, 196 countries on Earth [2, there are numerous culture styles, an indefinite number of cultural differences, which make up a common category: Cultural Diversity.

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