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Homemade anal lubes Hip Forums

Aug 03, 2013 If you really want something slippery and cheap, especially if you are using toys for anal play, save your money up and google JLube. It is a powder you mix with water. It's used mainly for helping deliver large animal babies for veterinarians so it's safe.

Make Your Own All-Natural Personal Lubricant - Lifehacker

May 15, 2007 Soaps can irritate oilspetroleum degrade condoms Saliva can work well, but doesn't seem slippery enough to be comfortable during anal. Personally, I think store bought lubes work really well.

Make Your Own All-Natural Personal Lubricant - Lifehacker

(Anal) Sex Lubricants And Safety Issues Anal sex is a type of sexual intercourse which includes the insertion of penis into the anus and rectum. It can be practiced in

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