How to persuade for anal sex

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How to Convince Her to Try Anal Sex - BRANDONRAMLALCOM

Buy her a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, 2nd Edition: Tristan Taormino. Here's an excerpt from the foreword: Yes, I admit itI love anal sex. The first time someone put a finger in my butt, I almost went crazy from the pleasure.

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Try Anal Sex Sex-ToysHow

Dear Athena, I want to get my wife to do anal with me, but she's not into it. How can I get her to try it? Sincerely, Anal on the Brain. Dear Anal,

How would i convince my wife for Anal sex - Talk About

May 07, 2007 Dear BA 95 TA, I have realized that one risks of anal sex is fecal material from the anus of your partner, coming in contact with the hole in the end of your penis.

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